We prepare a variety of cakes and quiches to order and also offer comprehensive menu packages. Nature is our queen and therefore we respect the time-sensitive harvest seasons and make ethical, nature-friendly choices in our food preparation. We plan the menus according to our customers’ wishes and budgets. We are located in Käpylä, Helsinki, where our freshly prepared food is transported to different parts of Southern Finland.

We also have cutlery and tablecloths available for rent for max. parties of up to 100 people.

Book Saura and focus on the party itself!

Saura Booking agency can arrange live music or a DJ for your event.


Dancing with the Stars (Finland) Venla-party, catering, May 2021

Lunch catering for the filming of the Syke series, spring 2021

Tähdet, Tähdet-series catering, autumn 2020

YLE’s Kuusijuhla catering, 2020, 2022

Saara Cantell book release event, catering 2020

Jazz Union annual party catering, 2018

“Cafe Saurahuones vegan carrot cake may be the carrot cake I’ve had in my whole life.” Anssi Kela (IG)

“A damn good lunch. Excellent gin and wine selection. Finlands best pastries. Very cool staff. No mixed waste or food waste. A vinyl player. Tram number one goes right to the door. Rumour has it no customer has yet been disappointed in anything” Ljosbudir (IG)


We also make special cakes and cheesecakes to order according to your taste preferences. Our cakes are free of additives and made from natural ingredients. Frozen pre-made cakes are never served here.

CAKES 12-15 people

Chili chocolate cake L, G 55 €

Mango cheesecake, if requested L, G 60 €

Mango cheesecake, Vegan 65 €

Orange chocolate cake, Vegan 65 €

Mint chocolate cake, Vegan 60 €

Carrot cake, Vegan 65 €

Currant mousse cake, if requested L, G 65 €

Currant mousse cake with wedge, on request L, G, 70 €

Lemon-white chocolate cheesecake 60 €

The price includes a lovely decoration according to the harvest season.

Special decoration according to a colour or theme from +10 €

Name plate + 10 €



Fintsos is Sauras own Finnish cocktail bite. A delicious salty treat, typically served on Sauras own vegan archipelago bread, but the selection also includes some other variations.

Most popular fintsos

– vegan tuna and caviar, vegan 

– smoked carrot hummus and pomegranate, vegan

– Beet hummus and thyme, vegan

– tofu-skagen-caviart-dill, vegan

– beluga lentil caviar-aioli, vegan

– smoked salmon and dill

– smoked mussel-aioli

– tuna delight

– roastbeef and pickle-remoulade

– prosciutto-cantaloupemelon-balsamic sauce

Fintsos price list vegan

10 pcs- 40 €
20 pcs- 70 €
30 pcs – 90 €

Fintsos price list fish/meat

10 pcs- 50 €
20 pcs- 80 €
30 pcs- 100 €

For bigger orders, we make different offers.

Request an offer:


Sauras salty cake, salmon 98 €
Sauras salty cake, vegan 90 €

Sauras vegan archipelago bread 13 € (approx. 15 pcs)


Smoked reindeer quiche (Small amounts of lactose, if requested, lactose and gluten free) 70 €
Smoked salmo and leek quiche (Lactose free) 70 €
Mushroom and onion quiche (Lactose free) 65 €
Kale and feta quiche  (Small amounts of lactose, if requested, lactose and gluten free) 65 €
Vegan Tomato-basil-cheddar quiche 65 €

SAVOURY PIES for 20 people
Italian tomato-pesto-mozzarella 80 €
Greek paprika-onion-feta-olive 80 €
Kale-feta-walnut 80 €
Mushroom-onion-cottage cheese 90 €
Feta-spinach-pine nuts 90 €
Salmon-leek 100 €



Meze buffet vegan
Meze buffet vegan

Sauras cooks and pastry chefs prepare tasty and attractive treats that leave behind them a memorable taste. The Saura staff have travelled the world to hunt down the best cultural recipes and done work to combine the different tastes. All thats left is for the diner to enjoy.

In Saura, locally produced ingredients are transformed into tasty delicacies. Our heart is close to VEGAN menus and flavours from Asia and the Middle East, among others, where we in turn use local raw materials to bring home-grown flavour.


by calling 044 983 5373 or

by email

Or visit us at Pohjolankatu 43, Käpylä.



vegan fintsos
vegan fintsos

more than 14 days before, free of charge
7-13 days before 25% of the offer amount
2-6 days before 50% of the offer amount
1 day before 75% of the offer amount