book your table by Thursday

Plates at 10.30am and 1pm, take away at 10am and 12 noon.

Please indicate your dietary requirements when booking and await confirmation of your booking.

We can accommodate the following diets:

Lactose-free, Gluten-free, Mixed, Semivegetarian, Pescovegetarian,

Lacto-ovo, Lactovegetarian, Vegetarian, Vegan

More detailed explanations of the diet can be found at the bottom of this page.

We prepare brunches to order and would appreciate to be informed at least the day before if there are any changes to the reservation. 




Saura white bread with a variety of spreads



savoury delicacies such as bruchetta, baked omelettes or foccaccia

cheeses, crackers and jam

fresh fruit/berries

small granola bowl or fresh porridge


sweet dessert or cake bite

Contents vary slightly depending on the season.

If you have a special dietary requirement and would like to know about allergens, please ask our staff for more information. Brunch is available in mixed, vegetarian and vegan options. Please let us know when booking if you follow any of the following diets:

Lactose-free, Gluten-free, Mixed, Semi vegetarian, Pescovegetarian, lactose-ovo, lactovegetarian, vegetarian, vegan

You can also buy some of the wonderful beers from Lepola, Boikai Best, Maku Brewing and Etko, or ciders and lemonades

Book your brunch on the spot or at the latest the Thursday before. Please also let us know of any food restrictions and the number of people as early as possible. Cancellations by noon on Friday at the latest. Brunch is made to order, so we hope you will let us know of any last minute changes to your booking.

PLATTERS at 10:30 and 13
Reserve your table by thursday latest

Lactose-free does not contain lactose, but does contain lactose-free dairy products and goat’s milk.
Gluten-free does not contain products with gluten. Products with gluten are produced in the same room.
Omnivore, everything goes
Semi-vegetarian, no red meat
Pesco-vegetaran, along with dairy products, fish and crustaceans also go
Lacto-ovo, along with a vegetarian diet, dairy and eggs also go
Lacto-vege, along with a vegetarian diet, dairy also goes
Vegetarian, A diet with no dairy, no meat, no eggs
Vegan, A diet with no food derived from animals, such as meat, dairy, and honey.

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