Cafe Saurahuone


is a local-owned, private café in Käpylä, which is a response to mass-produced, processed, nutrient-poor food products and chain restaurants. In our small kitchen, we prepare our daily lunch from high-quality ingredients. Our skilled chefs bake delicious cakes and pies, with both traditional and vegan recipes. We only serve wines from European family farms and beers and lemonades from Finnish microbreweries. Our team of skilled workers respects our values and is ready to dip their hands into the cheese and dough bowl every morning. We love each and every one of our customers and hope that this – the importance of people – is reflected in the way we operate. We are grateful to each and every one of you who keeps our heads above water. Support local – support Käpylä. 

Climate ❤️ 

We at Saurahuone want to serve all customers in our region and therefore we choose to offer not only vegetarian options but also dairy products and, occasionally, meat and fish products. However, we are mindful of nature and the environment being our king and we make the most ethical choices possible in every choice we make. In our small kitchen, we make everything from scratch from raw materials and do not use semi-finished or processed products. Our kitchen does not produce any mixed waste, and we hardly produce any food waste. We are focusing on making sustainable choices with our raw materials more and more. We strive to have vegetarian and vegan options in our display cases, both savoury and sweet. Our range of drinks also represents ethical choices. Our beers come from Viikki, Herttoniemi, and Vallila, and our lemonades from Kemiö and Tampere. Kombucha comes from Porvoo, cider from Paraiso, and wines from Finland and Europe.

We welcome you to enjoy, ethically. 


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On weekdays we serve a tasty lunch accompanied by our homemade bread and salad.  Our dishes are mostly vegetarian. For more information on the menu, you can find the list here on the website, or on our Facebook page.


At Saurahuone, we follow the UN Safe Space Principles.

Respect ones own personal physical and mental well-being. Respect autonomy. Do not touch another person without asking permission. Remember, you cannot know someone’s boundaries without asking them. Ask for space for yourself, if necessary.

Do not mock, ridicule, belittle, push aside or shame anyone with your words, behaviour or actions. Refrain from criticising appearances, gossiping or perpetuating stereotypes.

Do not make assumptions based on appearance or behaviour. Do not assume someone’s sexuality, gender, nationality, ethnicity, religion, values, socio-economic background, health or mobility.

Give space. Try to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in conversation. Don’t crowd out the opinions of others and allow others to have their say. Also, respect the privacy of others and deal with sensitive issues in a respectful way.

Listen and learn. Embrace new topics, people and perspectives with an open mind. Treat every issue and situation you encounter as an opportunity to learn and develop.

Apologise if you have intentionally or unintentionally offended others.

For private events, parties and meetings,

Saurahuone can be booked through
Mon – Thu 20-22,
Sun 16-20,
Private breakfast Mon – Fri 8-10


Book a gin tasting for your group (3-6 people).

Price from. 40 € / person, (5 gin) duration approx. 60 min.

Price from 40 € per gin. 45 € / person, (6 gin) duration approx. 70 min.


Book a wine tasting for your group of small European wines.

Price from. 40 € / person, duration approx. 60 min.


Pohjolankatu 43
00610 Helsinki

Phone: 358 44 983 5373

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MON-FRI 11-20
SAT 10-20



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open times mon-fri 11-20, sat 10-20, sun closed


Whole Quishes

kale-feta-walnut 65 €

reindeer-bread-cheese-cranberry 70 €

salmon-leek-dill 70 €

Saura archipelago bread 13 €

Cake for 6-12 people from 30 €

Special cakes from 60 €

Or request catering services

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