We prepare lunch in the café using good, fresh ingredients and then serve it directly to your table. The meal is as much nutrition as it is taste. You are welcome to Saurahuone for lunch on weekdays from 11-14.
Lunch costs 12.50€, includes coffee/tee.

MONDAY 4.12.
Yellow noodle-coconut syrru with tofu and
with salted nuts, vegetarian / vegan

Baked potatoes. Filled with Beluga lentil caviar and
tuna love or vegan walleye

Happy Independence Day. The cafe is closed.

Nudel bowl, with salmon / sesame-roasted mushroom / roasted tofu

FRIDAY 8.12.
Loaded nachos, meat, vegetable, vegan

Brunch, by advance reservation only.

Saura Awards VIP gala on Saturday from 7 pm to 8 pm
at 8 pm to 11 pm Gala, open to everyone.
Performing Julia Delgado, Elina Teini and Airi´s
The cafe is exceptionally open from 10 am to 2 pm and from 8 pm to 11 pm.
2 pm to 19 pm closed, because we are preparing for the evening’s gala.
Welcome to customers at 8 p.m.

ma-to 11-20
pe 11-22

la 10-22



Lunches are mainly gluten-free, but please check when ordering. If not, a gluten-free option is always available. A vegan option is also always available.

Lunch coffee  dark roast organic coffee. Including.

We use primarily vegetables grown in the country. Our five-week lunch menu includes a few chicken, meat or fish dishes. We use primarily organic meat and responsibly fished MSC-certified fish.

After lunch, we serve café food, such as savoury pies, smoothies, cakes, pastries and other treats made on site. Saura’s gin and tonics are definitely worth a try, and are also available without alcohol. 

In the mornings, we dip our hands into the vegetables and prepare lunch from fresh ingredients on site from scratch.  Every day we knead a large amount of bread dough to make freshly baked bread or foccaccia for lunch.

Our pastry chefs prepare delicious cakes and pies, which you can enjoy in the café or buy to take home. Our unique small-batch wines come from Europe, not further away. We also import wines from European farms ourselves. Our ciders are made from Finnish apples and come to us from Kemiö and Paraiso. The beers come from the nearest microbreweries in the capital region. Our own Saura beer is produced by the Mallaskoski microbrewery in Seinäjoki. The lemonades come from Tampere and Kemiö.

We use recycled plastic reusable take-away containers.

A GREEN ACT! At Saurahuone, you can take your lunch home in our recycled plastic take-away containers, which you can always return when you pick up your next lunch. The one-time charge for a jar is €10.

This includes a set of three bowls made from recycled plastic.

When you pick up your lunch from Saurahuone, take the jars with you and you will always receive your food in new, clean containers. We take care of the hygiene of the dishes in our professional kitchen.

If you want your €10 deposit back, return all three dishes to the Saurahuone.

Of course, you can still take your food home in a disposable container, but we highly recommend this eco-friendly option.

All for the climate, to make the climate for all!

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ePassi (mobile)
Saura gift card
We do not favour cash

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Our services include:
– gin-tasting
– wine-tasting
– cheese and wine